Why use Livetap?

From inital quotation through to on-site installation, Livetap simplifies the project management of sprinkler system modifications and repair.


With Livetap, there is no need to arrange for the system to be drained down. This means no need to find the system drain point, no need to run a hose to a sink or outdoor space, no heavy water containers to carry up and down stairs.


Livetap is more cost effective, time is money. Add this to the fact you have no drain down fee to pay, no need to complete work on expensive over-night rates and Livetap is faster, with no drain down to perform, Livetap is much faster than the traditional method. A simple drilling procedure can be carried out in minutes and with an in-built facility to allow for any additional pipework to be pressurised through the adaptor, any new heads will be online in no time.


Draining down a sprinkler system can be very difficult physically not to mention the time it takes to what for a system to fully drain. Sometimes just finding a suitable place to discharge all the water can be a nightmare. But the most adverse problem with draining down a sprinkler system to carry out sprinkler system modifications is that it wastes huge amounts of water.


Often just finding a suitable place to draindown can be problematic (see illustration below).


With Livetap there is no waiting around for large systems to drain. Hours can be spent on-site wasted, waiting around for systems to drain and fill back up again. Livetap is a smarter way to work taking less time to carryout modifications meaning less time is spent on-site. 


Conventional vs Sustainable


Approved               n/a   Yes
No drain down -   Yes
Water saving -   Yes 
No loss of sprinkler protection -   Yes 
Reduced pipework corrosion -   Yes 
No activation of fire pumps or alarms           -   Yes 
Life safety -   Yes 
No out of hours working -   Yes 
Zero disruption -   Yes 
Only test new works  -   Yes 
Hassle free -   Yes