The Livetap® Under Pressure Drilling concept has been developed to address the issues that arise when planning and implementing modifications and additions to existing sprinkler systems, and modifying existing sprinkler head locations.


The concept of under pressure drilling has been around for a while, and while services that employ this method i.e. water, gas etc. were able to incorporate isolating valves in their services pipelines. However fire sprinkler system codes standards do not allow the installation of isolating valves in the system.


The Livetap® drilling system and associated products have been developed to fully overcome this restriction and provides a unique solution for making modifications to 'live' systems. This means that fire protection is maintained at all times, even when refurbishment work is being undertaken, involving modifications to the sprinkler system. Consequently there is no need to advise fire authorities or close the building while work is in progress.


Only suitably trained and qualified personnel can use the Livetap® drilling system and associated product range. All trained and qualified personnel are certificated and carry photo-identity certification. This certification should be inspected and verified prior to the commencement of any work.

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