It is important to assess the integrity of a fire sprinkler system for its effectiveness in accordance with the original design after 25 years (or sooner). Service and maintenance provisions outlined in LPC Technical Bulletin 203 states that “all defects detected which might adversely affect the performance of the sprinkler system shall be eliminated”.


Our expertise in the field of fire protection combined with our innovative technology enables us to carry out this inspection efficiently providing the client and insurer/AHJ with objective scientific analysis of the current condition of the pipework and remaining wall thickness. This supports any decision making on the long-term cost benefits analysis for the client in terms of any remedial works that may be required.

Fit For Purpose

Pipecheck is designed to be carried out with minimal disruption to the building’s occupants whilst keeping the sprinkler system fully operational throughout the entire process. In its simplest form, Pipecheck uses approved Livetap technology to remove samples of pipe from key locations without draining down the installation. These pipe samples are then sent to an accredited, third party laboratory for detailed analysis and a full report is then generated to include micro-photographs and accurate measurements of remaining pipe wall thickness.


Pipecheck can also include water samples, sprinkler head testing & inspection, pipe flushing, pressure and flow tests and design point checks against original design to give an in-depth view of the system health. This evidence can be used to satisfy the obligations under the Fire Safety Order and requirements of the insurer to ensure that the sprinkler system is fit-for-purpose.

System Health Check

How It Works

Livetap technology is at the heart of Pipecheck and means that testing and inspection can be performed whilst the sprinkler system is fully operational. This is useful for property protection but is essential for life safety buildings as it allows day-to-day operations to carry on as normal.



Pipe Inspection - A Kwik Drain connection is placed at carefully chosen locations on each installation’s pipework to collect pipe samples.


Water sampling - Water samples can be taken from key locations via a kwik drain fitting. Water is tested for 28 different properties including PH level, suspended solids and iron.


Flushing connections - Larger bore Kwik Drains can be added to the pipework in suitable locations to allow for thorough flushing of pipework and check for debris.


Sprinkler head testing - Livetap can even be used in conjunction with a freezing kit to remove sprinkler heads without draining down the entire zone or installation. A Kwik Vent is fitted to the pipework which allows for any trapped air to be removed before freezing. The freezing assembly is then fitted upstream of the Kwik Vent. A stable seal can be checked by draining water through the Kwik Vent testing assembly whilst checking that the pressure gauge falls to zero.

Standards & Approvals

All works are carried out in accordance with LPC sprinkler rules and provisions outlined in Technical Bulletin 203. Livetap technology used as a part of the Pipecheck service is a fully LPCB, FM, UL & VdS approved system.


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