How does it work?


The No Drain T fitting is first installed in a suitable locations on the existing sprinkler pipework.


New sprinkler piping and heads are installed and fixed to the new branch tee connection.


The Livetap drill is attached to the No Drain T fitting to firstly air test and hydraulic pressure test new pipework only.


On completion of a successful test the pressure is reduced inline with the existing system. Then the Livetap drill is fed through the No-Drain T by means of operating a simple hand ratchet drive or power drill (requires gearbox). The drill is then withdrawn and a metal coupon is removed by means of special drill magnet.


Project Fire offers a number of other products that can be installed with the use of the Livetap under pressure drilling system.


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  • No drain down - no fees
  • 'Green' saves large volumes of water
  • No loss of sprinkler protection
  • Cost effective installation
  • No activation of any fire pumps or fire alarms
  • Only test new works
  • No Survey of existing system required
  • No risk of draining the wrong valve set
  • No dirty water discharged
  • No out of hours working
  • No difficult backfilling of the system
  • Reduced system pipework corrosion
  • No complicated system drain down arrangements
  • Removes more swarf/metal debris from the system