Modify or alter small pipework arrangements

Freezing pipework to change/move a sprinkler head can be a problematic process. So why would you want to use freezing methods instead of a conventional drain down? An feeling of uncertainty, to risky?


When freezing with Livetap you can get 100% reassurance that the freezing was successful, by means of a pressure gauge attached the Kwik Vent fitting (see applications below). With your mind at rest about whether the freezing has worked you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with it, for instance no drain down is required which saves both time and money.


Note the Kwik Vent Special Application is used when there is restricted access above the pipework.

Product details

Kwik Vent

Order no.

Pipe size x outlet   

Dimension a

(mm) (mm)
LT-KV32 32 x 15 110
LT-KV40 40 x 15 113
LT-KV50 50 x 15 120


Kwik Vent SA

Order no.

Pipe size x outlet   

Dimension a

oooooooooooooo (mm) (mm)
LT-KVSA32 32 x 15 110
LT-KVSA40 40 x 15 113
LT-KVSA50 50 x 15 120

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* Kwik Vent SA VdS application pending.