Livetap products

Livetap has a versatile range of solutions for sprinkler systems from venting trapped air to adding sprinkler heads to flow-switch testing.

No Drain T
Developed specically for the purpose of live tapping, and engineered to provide a branch tee, without an in-line valve. Allows the 'live' modication and installation of additional sprinkler heads.

Zonecheck® Live
An Industry standard product sold globally to allow sustainable testing of existing flow-switches, can now be retro-fitted without the need to drain down.

Kwik Drain
Developed to allow easy draining of sprinkler systems, where pipe work could be trapping excess water.

Kwik Vent
A simple solution to add a system venting point where it is most beneficial.


Livetap system has been developed to comply with international fire sprinkler system code standards. All Livetap products have been tested and approved by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), FM (Factory Mutual), UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and VdS. 


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